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Valuecon Smart Plug converts the power socket in your home, office, or workplace into a Smart Socket. Simply plug in our Smart Plug for the appliance you want to control with your Smart Phone or Google Assistant - be it an LED Bulb or a ceiling fan - or a Geyser or Air Conditioner - or a specific machine in your office. Valuecon Smart Plug is the first budget baby step towards that dream Smart Home and Smart Office. Install this small device, you'll never have to touch a switch again. 

  • Automate & Control Appliance

  • Configurable with Google Voice Assistant

  • Ration your kids' TV or Gaming time with auto timer function

  • Lights-Out: That bedtime can be enforced oh-so-smartly

  • Switch on your Geyser while having your morning cup of tea


        ...Applications are endless

What Is The Difference Between Smart Socket And  Ordinary Socket?

The Big Difference is smart socket can remot control and setup time to tum on/off the appliance.

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Remote Control On/Off
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Time On/Off

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Manually On/Off