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Smart Bulb

Valueconsmart  CCT Pumpkin Bulb, is a unique 3 in 1 blub with 3 temperature technology Color (3000K-4000K-6500K) which not only brightens your home with enhanced light but can also be easily managed with voice control, app control and Wi-Fi.


Number of Function: 11, On/Off, Schedule, Color Change, Brightness Control, Voice Control, Grouping, Sharing, Scenes, Scenario control, Automation and Timer

Color: 3000k- Warm White, 4000K-White, 6500K- Cool White

Wattage: 9W

Power Requirement: 90-300V

Power Source: AC Adapter

Supported OS: iOS 6 & Above, iPhone 4S & above, Android 4.3 & above

Image by Alessandro Bianchi

9W at Full Brightness

-10 to 40C Operating Ambient Temp

200 -240 V 50Hz voltage Range

16 Million Colours

Software Dimming

Colour temperature 2,700K – 6,500K
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