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EveryBoringTask  Simlified and Automated


VALUECON Smart app automates every boring and mundane task; from opening the curtains in the morning to turning off the lights at night. Think of it as a personal butler and your wish is its command. The VALUECON Smart app was designed to be intuitive, intelligent, and user-friendly. Your personal information remains secure and encrypted.

Available on all leading platforms.

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Responsive and Seamless

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All our products can be synced with one app and provide a seamless and responsive function. 

Get more Productive with Smart Scheduling

Automate your mundane tasks with VALUECON Smart App and dedicate yourself to more productive tasks. Schedule your blinds to be opened at 6 AM with your meditation song playing, every day without fail. 
Or ration your kids' time on the gaming console without having to march in their room. VALUECON Smart app got you covered. 


User Friendly Interface

The UI of our app is designed keeping YOU in mind. Built for smooth and seamless control, the interface of our app is easy to understand and it's extremely intuitive. You can configure it with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Google Home and simply command whatever you need the app to do.  Still, need further help? You can chat with us anytime using the app. 

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Fully Customizable Interface

Built for easy customization. You can customize the name of the rooms and appliances based on your whims, desires, and convenience. You can also customize themes, colors, and images. This app is built for you. Tailor it the way you like it.

One App to control EVERYTHING

 Fithe remote to your smart home in your pocket with VALUECON SMART APP, All our products can be configured with one tiny, yet a power-packed app for an ultimate experience. Control the smart plug, the smart switch, the smart curtains, the smart lock, and all other smart products by tapping on to VALUECON Smart App 

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