Elevate the comfort of your home.‍Aliste helps you make your home smart without making you burn a hole through your pocket. Our aim is to redefine the way people live by imparting luxury and maximising convenience through our products. Our Smart Home product line and mobile application have been lauded by our users and industry-experts. Join us in making the Indian home, a more secure & comfortable place to live. Explore our wide range of home automation products.

Maximise Comfort, Minimise Expenses

Aliste’s Line of Automation is curated to maximise comfort without straining our user’s pockets. We strive to provide the most affordable automation solutions in the market.With full-end analytics, our products enable you to further save on your electricity bills.

Geo location tracking

Aliste provides the only  automation module capable of implementing accurate Geo location based scenes. Now you can walk out of your house without turning your appliances off, Geo scenes will take care of it all.

Our Automation Products are manufactured &sourced in India

We are proud to declare that Each and every product in Aliste’s Automation line is made and sourced from India. We feel immense pride in providing employment and business opportunities to people in our country, We are motivated to boost the well-being of our partners with unparalleled product quality.


Starting a Commericial or Residential project?


We at Aliste have always worked in providing affordable automation solutions for commercial and residential real estate projects. We strive to enhance the value of their projects and differentiate them from the market at a bargain.




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